Birrificio Sorrento

In small steps...

The key to our beer making is all the heart & emotion that we pour into every single drop!
There are qualities that only an artisan beer can offer - combine that with the tastes and aromas of a land as exceptional as ours and what more could you ask for.
The finished product is a result of hard work, passion and the constant quest for quality.
Each sip offering incredible aromas that then develop further into a taste that is simple and mouthwatering. Our beers pair well with many many dishes - each one quietly reflecting its own character.
Gift Box
gift box

Our Beer Boxes are an original gift idea for any occasion. Each box is completely customizable by inserting the chosen beers and, if desired, the coupon for the guided tour of our plants with tasting.

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Birrificio Sorrento
Headquarters: Via Casarlano 11, 80067, Sorrento, Italia
P.IVA 08528751210
Phone: 081 8773708
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