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The Birrificio Sorrento Experience

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The Concept
The Birrificcio Sorrento Experience was born from our desire for you not to just enjoy our product - but to allow you to enjoy the whole 360 degree process. We'll talk about the beer, our beautiful part of Italy & the artisan process that we use - letting you see the materials that we use before you move on to the tasting!

What can you choose from?
  1. Choosing the complete experience will allow you to start at the very beginning - the "taproom" the very heart of the World of Artisan Beer! You'll get to see everything from the raw ingredients to our company's very own presentation. Then you can go on to see the actual distillery machinery - located in a area, quite often you can catch them while they are working. Then its on to our microbiology lab, where thanks to tiny cameras linked up to the microscopes you can see first hand our studies into the fascinating of world of yeast!! And last, but by far least, we will arrive in the tasting room. Here the beers will speak from themselves and you can sample some other delights that our corner of Italy has to offer.
  2. You can choose just to do the last stop of the tour - heading directly to the tasting room.
  3. Join us for one of our themed evenings - where we open up our doors to other brands of artisan beer for you to try.

Any of these options all have the same thing at heart.... The Beer!

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Birrificio Sorrento
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