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Dark craft beer with Sorrento walnut kernel
ABV 4.7% | EBC 87 | IBU 30

Looking at it, Parthenope is a perfect stout, impenetrable dark, with a beautiful cappuccino-colored foam. On the nose, however, it amazes, with a clear scent of walnuts, in various declinations, from pulp to hull, from green walnut to skin, and they dance and envelop. Upon tasting the body is slender, the tactile sensation silky, the alcohol is not felt; it enters sweet, on the notes of malt, develops soon on the roasts and ends on hints of cocoa bean; the walnut flavor accompanies the entire drink and invades the aftertaste together with an aroma of dark chocolate. Sorrento walnuts perfectly characterize this beer by blending with the other ingredients and the roasted and roasted malts are masterfully contained, for a fresh and intriguing drink.

Daily Beer Award | Guide to Italian Beers Slow Food 2017

PAIRING: game salami, caprese dessert, amaretti biscuits

Dark beer from the Sorrento Peninsula, handcrafted, refermented in the bottle, unfiltered, unpasteurized. Evolving product.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, oats, Sorrento walnuts, hops, yeast.

Alcoholic content: 4.7% vol.

Warnings: Store in an upright position, in a cool and dark place. The natural yeast sediment on the bottom testifies to the craftsmanship of the product. Serve at 9-11 ° C.

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