Our history

The Sorrento Brewery is a dream that has come true and that “in small steps” grows, without haste, with the same passion of the homebrewer’s days.

Founded in 2009 by Giuseppe Schisano and Francesco Galano, the Brewery has a strong territorial vocation, not only because the ingredients include renowned typical products such as Sorrento IGP lemon, Sorrento orange or walnut, but because they express a 360-degree territory °.

Our plant

Framed by the colors and scents of our land, the production plant of the Sorrento Brewery overlooks one of the most beautiful views of the Sorrento Peninsula, between land, sea and sky. With a production capacity of 16 hl, the current system consists of a mash vat and a separate filter vat. The cellar, with a capacity of 8000 liters, is made up of 1 fermenter of 3200 liters and 3 fermenters of 1600 liters, all at controlled temperatures.

The production plant is completed by the bottling line (labeling machine, rinsing machine, deox, bottling, capping), the washing chip, the refermentation room, the temperature-controlled storage room, the raw materials and mill room, the plants. of water treatment.