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Light craft beer with fresh Sorrento orange peel
ABV 5% | EBC 12 | IBU 35

With a beautiful golden color, clear and with good carbonation and white foam. The aroma is slightly citrusy. The medium, dry bitterness and the slender body contribute to making the Armida light and thirst-quenching even if it is rather soft in the mouth. It is obtained with high fermentation yeast made to work at low temperatures as it happened in the USA in the mid-1800s. A style that survived anti-Prohibition became very popular overseas. Well attenuated with a profile similar to bottom fermentation beers but with more character, it is extremely drinkable, very suitable for the summer heat.

Daily Beer Award | Guide to Italian Beers Slow Food 2019

PAIRING: aperitifs, fish dishes

Clear beer from the Sorrento Peninsula, handcrafted, refermented in the bottle, unfiltered, unpasteurized. Evolving product.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, hops, fresh Sorrento orange peel, yeast.

Alcoholic content: 5% vol.

Warnings: Store in an upright position, in a cool and dark place. The natural yeast sediment on the bottom testifies to the craftsmanship of the product. Serve at 9-11 ° C.

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